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RAVENOL ALS Arctic Low SAPS 0W-30 Engine Oil is a PAO (Polyalphaolefin) based, fully synthetic low friction motor oil with especially USVO® and proven CleanSynto® technology for passenger car petrol and diesel engines and vans with Diesel Particular Filter DPF and Three-Way Catalyst, which require HTHS >3,5 mPa*s. 

It is based on additives which prolong the lifetime of Diesel Particular Filter DPF and Three-Way Catalyst. It also minimizes friction, wear and fuel consumption and has excellent cold start characteristics. Extended oil change intervals are possible according to the manufacturer’s instructions and it helps extend the lifespan of the particle filter.

With its new formulation, RAVENOL ALS 0W-30 Engine Oil provides a safe layer of lubrication even at very high operating temperatures and protects from corrosion and loss of oil through oxidation or coking. The excellent cold start behaviour ensures optimum lubrication safety during the cold running phase.

By significantly reducing fuel consumption, RAVENOL ALS 0W-30 Engine Oil helps to protect the environment by reducing emissions.



OEM Approvals

  • Mercedes Benz MB 229.51
  • BMW Longlife-04

Meets/ Exceeds Requirements

  • Honda
  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Suzuki
  • Toyota
  • Chrysler MS-11106
  • BMW Longlife- 04


RAVENOL ALS Arctic Low SAPS 0W-30 Engine Oil offers:

  • Fuel economy in part and full power operation
  • Excellent wear protection and high viscosity index also under high-speed driving conditions, the long life of the engine
  • Excellent cold starting characteristics also at low temperatures below -30°C
  • A safe lubricant film at high operating temperatures
  • Low evaporative tendency, so lower oil consumption
  • No deposits in combustion chambers, in the piston ring zone and valves because of oil conditioned
  • Neutrality towards sealing materials
  • Extended oil change intervals to protect natural resources

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