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RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner is an engine flush suitable for all petrol and diesel engines (with and without catalytic converter) for use before changing the oil. It effectively breaks down dirt accumulation sludge and carbon deposits in the engine using intensive-cleaning surfactants and removes these effectively when draining used oil, thus improving combustion and fuel efficiency. In order to maximise the benefits of RAVENOL's Ultimate Lubrication Technology we highly recommend using this product when changing to a RAVENOL engine oil for the first time.

RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner is suitable for all car and light van petrol and diesel engines. Also suitable for Marine applications. It is compatible with all mineral, semi- and fully-synthetic engine oils.

Use when:

  • If black sludge is suspected
  • In the event of hydraulic tappets rattling
  • In the event of delayed oil change
  • For soiled engines or used oil


Warm the engine and add the entire contents of the RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner can before changing the oil. Do not go below the minimum oil level. Run the engine for a further 15 to 20 minutes. Drain the old oil, change the oil filter and refill with the recommended grade of RAVENOL engine oil.


RAVENOL Professional Engine Cleaner provides:

  • Long-term effectiveness and clean fresh oil
  • Remedy for soiled engines
  • Protection against compression loss in the area of the piston rings

Ravenol Engine Cleaner

SKU: RAVEC1390321-300-05-000

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