RAVENOL HJC Hybrid Japanese Coolant (Antifreeze) Concentrate is an ethylene-glycol based, proven coolant without phosphates, amines and silicate. The product is formulated as a long-term coolant based on a proven inhibitor development, suitable for many vehicle types but especially recommended for vehicles requiring Mazda FL22 Coolant, Nissan L250 Coolant and Hyundai Long Life Coolant. Please be aware this is a concentrate which requires mixing with water. For normal UK conditions (down to -12°C) this will make up to 6 litres of coolant. See below for mixing guide.

The quality of an antifreeze is no longer just determined by the antifreeze effect (which automatically exists in an ethylene-glycol based product), but by the level of rust protection. That is why car manufacturers subject an antifreeze to lengthy corrosion and cavitation tests before approving its use.


Clean the cooling system then flush and check for leaks. Mix RAVENOL HJC Hybrid Japanese Coolant Concentrate with water as per the mixing chart below and add to the cooling system. Allow engine and heater to warm up, then top up the coolant back to the fill level if required.

Mixing chart:

Antifreeze protection to approx.

Parts antifreeze

Parts water

- 12°C

25 %

75 %

- 20°C

35 %

65 %

- 37°C

50 %

50 %


Meets/ Exceeds Requirements

  • Mazda FL22 Coolant, Mazda 000077508E20, Mazda C122CL005A4X, Mazda C100CL005A4X
  • Ford WSSM97B55 (Motorcraft Specialty Green Engine Coolant), Ford VC-10-A2
  • Honda E Coolant 08CLAG010S0
  • Hyundai Long Life Coolant, Hyundai 07100-00200, Hyundai 07100-00400, Hyundai 00232-19010
  • Nissan L250 Coolant, Nissan KE90299934, Nissan KE90299944
  • Subaru Coolant 16218
  • Suzuki Longlife Coolant


RAVENOL HJC Hybrid Japanese Coolant Concentrate offers:

  • Excellent for all-aluminium engines
  • Premium corrosion additives for optimal rust protection for all metals and metal alloys used in cooling systems, including aluminium
  • Good reserve alkalinity
  • High-quality corrosion additives for optimal corrosion protection
  • Compatible with elastomers used in automotive radiators

RAVENOL HJC Hybrid Japanese Coolant Concentrate


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