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This runflat tyre is designed to offer a quiet and comfortable drive, as well as maintaining the sidewall rigidity to enable you to undertake necessary travel in the event of a puncture. With runflats fitted from production, this tyre is an ideal replacement tyre for BMWs, Audis, Minis and Mercedes.

  • A runflat tyre to help you to travel in the event of a puncture
  • Long-lasting, high-mileage tyre
  • Great handling in the wet and dry
  • A comfortable cruising tyre
  • Minimal tyre noise

Victra M36+ Runflat


Please contact us with your tyre size so we can quote you the best prices. Please us the link and we will contact you back as soon as possible.

Tyre Quote Form or call us 01695 682012

The tyre size is on the side of your tyre eg. 225 45 17 92 Y

The 225 is the width of the tyre

The 45 is the height of the tyre (percentage of the width)

The 17 is the wheel rim size

The 92 is the load rating of the tyre

The Y is the speed rating of the tyre


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