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Over the last couple of months we have been working with sponsors Fueltone Pro and their range of Petrol and Diesel treatments. Testing of the products have shown fantastic results for both petrol and diesel treatments particularly the DPF treatment for diesel vehicles.

The range of products cover Injector cleaner, Petrol and Diesel treatment cleaners, DPF cleaner, Motorbike fuel cleaner, Engine Flush and Diesel Primer for garages.

The range of Fueltone Pro products have been independently tested and have shown to improve mpg, reduce emissions, improve performance and saving costly repairs with your diesel vehicles DPF.

With stricter MOT emissions the products have shown great results for customers vehicles in helping keep their vehicles emissions under the required figures and reducing black smoke in diesels..

You can now buy any of the Fueltone Pro products from us directly and on our website

Look out for promotions and competitions coming soon!

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