Ginetta GTA - Testing December

Just after the last Focus Cup race at Donington I received a phone call from Nathan at Century Motorsport. I used to race with Nathan a number of years ago and he now runs a successful Ginetta and GT race team. I had been speaking with Nathan previously about Ginetta and the possibility of racing in the championship.

It's Saturday afternoon and the conversation is can I get to Donington on Monday to have a test in the Ginetta GTA?

A little short notice but I am not going to miss the chance of getting a test in the new Ginetta GTA, so with the help of Century motorsport and Ginetta Cars I am on my way back to Donington.

Arriving mid morning it was cold and wet (no change there), time to sign on and get suited up, have a look round the car and have a chat with the team about the session before lunch.

After lunch and after the car is checked over I climb into the car, get strapped in while the engineer runs through all the controls. It's a dashboard of buttons on the steering wheel and on another separate dash to remember.

The GTA is a 3.7ltr, 270BHP, 405NM torque with flat paddle shift and fly by wire throttle with a 50 / 50 weight distribution. Before heading out onto track I am briefed to take it easy for a few laps to warm up the tyres, brakes etc and get used to being back in a rear wheel drive race car.