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R3 & R4 Pembrey British Championship

After a good run 2 weeks previously at Pembrey with 2 heat wins and a final win, we were looking forward for a good weekend again at rounds 3 and 4 of the British Championships..


The grids are worked slightly differently at the British championship and we were given a back row start for the first race. Unfortunately on a track which is very hard to overtake unless someone makes a mistake and everyone doing virtually the same lap times it was difficult to make any head way and no one really making up more than one position. So with race positions set by the results from the previous race, all of us who started at the back virtually started in the same position for the final.

We managed to make a good start and get up to 4th position at the first corner and racing was virtually bumper to bumper, a slight mistake on the joker lap dropped me one place so 5th was our final placing, which considering the day we were pleased with the result.


Slightly different grids with split grids and we had a 2nd and 3rd and a 4th in the heats which still put us further down the grid for the final. due to the close racing of all the drivers. After a good start again up to 4th it was another close race but i timed the joker lap wrong and dropped to 6th. Down to the last we had one last chance on the last corner with 4th and 5th making slight mistakes and i got the run on the inside hoping to get both and finish 4th. Unfortunately with a short run to the line we were alongside and just missed out with less than 2 tenths splitting us on the line. A good hard weekend of racing on a track known for being difficult to overtake unless a driver makes a mistake.

On to the next round at the end of May now for the BTRDA at Lydden Hill were we are 2nd in the championship.

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