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Lydden Hill R1 British Championship

After a good weekend at Blyton Park , it was off to the first round of the British Championships over the easter weekend for round 1 and 2 of the british championship.

Things were looking good after Blyton Park but gremlins struck on the Saturday with the car losing throttle response, burst brake pipe and having to drive the rest of the race on the handbrake to get a finish, then suspension and driveshaft issues meaning we didnt make the semi finals bringing the day to an end

Sunday we still had the electrical gremlins and we were running second before we lost throttle again dropping us to last in one of the races. Unfortunately diagnostics was not giving us any clues as to what the problem may be and we were having to make changes hoping we had cured the issue. The Semi final we started at the back and finished 4th putting us on the back row of the final, luckily we had no issues in the final and drove to a respectable 5th place overall and on pace.

A difficult weekend after all the hard work that had gone in over the winter and pre season testing. Next round is Pembrey BTRDA

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