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A Season With The Brakes On

2020 was a very strange year for everyone. We were ready to go racing at the end of March like most others before all the brakes around the country were put on bringing everything to a halt.

Through lockdown we were still working hard with our partners to find new ways of doing business and still managing to bring in new customers and generate revenue streams.

Once the season did start back up we made the decision to not race and continue working with partners and concentrate on business due to all the restrictions still in place. This proved the right thing to do as the race season was stopping and starting and we felt we could do a better job concentrating on our partners and securing more partners for the 2021 season when we would be part of elite motorsport with live TV coverage as part of the British GT and BTCC championships.

So that was it, we started testing various cars for various championships. Towards the end of the year we are ready to race the ford focus before it being cancelled and then finally the race went ahead in December. From there we tested the Ginetta GTA and then this left us with 2 main championships to run with in elite motorsport for 2021. This will be the Mini Coopers and Ginetta GTA.

Both championships are high profile with global audiences and are perfect for putting your company and brand in front of the global stage with millions of viewers and fans.

We have worked hard to make sure we deliver a return for our existing partners and new. Join us on the grid in 2021 for an exciting year of adrenaline packed motorsport for your business and clients.

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