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Silverstone Testing - Focus Cup

1st November was my first day in the Focus Cup car and my first time on the Silverstone International circuit and it was raining. A great combination, also it was a taster day for lots of race teams meaning lots of different types of cars on track with varying speed and grip differences. Was going to be interesting at the very least.

We had got there the night before for a seat fitting, seams to be every race car i get in we need to change the position of the seat even just to test, Short legs!!

First session - Everyone wanted to be out at the same time and all i wanted to do was find my way round the circuit and get used to the car which was easier said than done with the amount of cars on track with various amounts of speed and grip differentials, spent most of my time looking in mirrors instead of where i was going, although the odd time i got some clear track i did start to get to grips with the car and parts of the circuit.

Session 2 -Back out and just as many cars on track but now its raining heavier making it much more challenging, when i see an orange Clio in my rear mirror coming at me sideways, so i move over to let him overtake, or should i say slide pass me, then going into the next corner he does it again this time i am struggling to stop the car so i use the run off to miss him. Time to let a few go pass so i can concentrate on learning the circuit and the car more.

Session 3 - Still raining but managed to keep some clear track space and start to hook the car up round certain parts of the circuit and chasing a Porsche down at one point before realising i could brake later than him in the wet and again taking to the run off area as not to run in the back of him. You don't know the limits until you reach them!

Session 4 - Back out after lunch and still raining slightly and conditions were difficult and trying to find grip was difficult although the car does have a surprising amount of grip in the wet conditions. Managed to keep pushing to learn the circuit and car, but this would be the last session and i hadn't really got to grips with all of the circuit, but the day for me was about getting in the car and a new circuit for the first time to see what i thought of it. It was a great day but i have more work to do at Silverstone which i am sure i will do at a future test day before one of the rounds.

A big thank you to all our partners this year, Pemberton Tyres,, Fueltone, Bloc Eyewear, King Dick Tools, Opie Oils, Amt Autos, Individual Auto Design, Bespoke Extreme and BrandDrivers. If you would like to get involved and add to our list of partners please get in touch.

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